Freelance Copywriting NOT An Angency

Words that Spark, Copy that Sells!

If you've reached this page, then you've already completed the first step which is recognizing that your biz needs some help. Luckily for you, I have the answers to all your problems!

Are you having trouble with...

  • Creating copy that's relatable to your audience

  • Increasing sales

  • Creating actionable copy

  • Developing an outstanding consumer-brand relationship

  • Find your brand's unique voice

Then keep scrolling to find the solution!

What our service provides:

  • Fast, Effective, and Personable copy

  • We will turn your great ideas into excellent, valuable content

  • Well-written copy that will generate more revenue

  • Offer you a much-needed outside perspective on your company

  • Communicate with your target audience

  • Finding your brand's voice

  • Create content that elicits a specific response from your audience.

Enough Scrolling

At LiftedbyCopy, we offer a FREE audit to potential clients who are interested in our service but may not know where to begin. Book your FREE audit today!

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